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PASSPORT: Pick up your free passport at the entrance to enter a world of adventure.

ENTRANCE: Located at the corner of Ft Wayne and N. D St. MAP


TIME: Saturday 9 AM until 7 pm
        Sunday 9 AM until 5 PM

Events and Participants

High Hats Antique Mall : 21 North 8th Street  Richmond, Indiana 47374 ---Today 10:00 am - 5:00 pm is making there bathrooms available to all visitors.
Travel to new countries and explore history, crafts, music, dance and artists from around the globe. Sample new foods, exotic beer and wine.

The multicultural festival is a celebration of the diversity in Richmond Indiana. The festival will be broken into cultural Sections located in the Downtown Depot District, each section will contain craft & food vendors, history booths, music and dance artist who will represent a country and its ethnic and cultural origins.

Dress to represent the culture of your history and share your part of the world.

Vendors & Performers

Artists create or display your art work from around the globe.

Crafters represent your special crafting skills with a cultural theme.

Dancers of all ages welcome to perform your wonderful talents.

Food & Desserts to offer “bite size” or “tasting size” products to help visitors sample as many different cuisines as they can.

Musicians perform to the natural beat of your cultural beginnings.

Performers of all expressions come display your art and share your culture with the world.

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